The final exams: texts to revise and forms. s6 groub B 2015 flsh english departement

The final exams: texts to revise and forms.
1- Hilmi: Revise works done in class( Averroes' Search/ the song of the old mother/ Lapis Lazuli) and the works assigned at home (Sweet dancer/ the student/ Renan on averroes/ the eleventh discussion) Exam form: multiple choice questions (maybe).
2- Safieddine: Revise works done in class (Daisy Miller/ A portrait of the artist as a young man/ To the lighthouse) and works assigned at home (The autobiography of an ex-colored man/ The way of all flesh) + The articles on Modernism. Exam form: Essay and 4 to 5 questions to answer in paragraphs.
3- Bourara: Revise the 19 stories done in class ( Minutes of glory/ A meeting in the dark/ The miracle/ There is no exile/ Ramadan day/ Sha has no place in paradise/ House of flesh/ Zaabalawi/ The doum tree of wad hamid/ Like the night/ Columbus in chains/ The day they burned the books/ The time of friendship/ Balthazar's marvelous afternoon/ Thuesday siesta/ One of these days/ Growing up/ The legacy/ Elethia) Exam form: Critical questions on the stories' main ideas, intentions and themes (Postcolonialism/ psychological development of the characters....)
4- Larissi: Revise the play of Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice. Study the themes and explore the symbolic dimensions of the play. Exam form: 4 to 5 questions to answer in paragraphs of 10 lines max.
5- Ghandor: Revise 4 of the poems studied in class (A Slumber did my spirit seal/ The garden of love/ The chimney Sweeper1/ The chimney Sweeper2/ The cold and the pebble/ Sailing to Byzantium/ The love song of J. Alfred Prufrock/ A modest proposal/ Come my celia/ Song to celia/ A valediction: Forbidding mourning/ The bait/ The Flea/ The canonization/ Sonnet 144/ Sonnet 129/ Sonnet 98/ Sonnet 73/ Sonnet 71) Exam form: Oral exam in which each of the 4 students forming the group will be asked to talk about one of the poems he/she revised + one poem randomly chosen by the professor.

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