Poverty Slums: india living conditions

Poverty Slums
  Many tourists from all around the world visit the slums of India to take pictures of children suffering from malnutrition and adults struggling to make ends meet. These tours are called poverty slums. Poverty slums refer to small tours that take tourists through the depths of Indian slums. However, can poverty tours really help the poor or does it simply exploit them and their lifestyle? There are pros and cons of poverty slums.
    Poverty slums can help slum-dwellers because when tourists see what occurs in third-world countries firsthand, they will feel obligated to help the unprivileged. Ways to improve the poverty slums is to set ground rules set such as: no photographs and don’t give away money or candy. However if someone wants to give money, they could donate it through a charity or organization-then poverty tourism benefits the residents in slums.
    Poverty slums can also be disrespectful to the slum-dwellers. The tourists who take pictures do not think about how they are disturbing the privacy of other human beings. Taking pictures of their living conditions is probably not very jubilant for the slum-dwellers. Letting other people watch them as if they were zoo animals and not being able to do anything would not make any person happy.

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